Scratch-Cards for Aussie Gamblers

Scratch cards are very popular and are the fastest-growing lottery game in Australia. Aussies spend a total of AUD$525 million a year on scratch cards. The game carries on growing all around the world, from its most ancient history to the present. Online scratch-cards will never cease to amaze.


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What Are Scratchies

Scratchies is a term that Australian players use for scratch-card. Scratch-cards are small cards with a grey acrylic that you scratch off to reveal the prize that you have won. Some scratch cards are based on familiar themes, and some provide wild and wacky elements. Some of these cards come with huge jackpots for Aussies to take home. Online scratch cards come in a variety of shapes and sizes that contain different pay-outs, both big and small and what makes it more exciting is that you win it instantly. You can learn more about online scratch cards by reading on.

How to Play Online Scratch-Cards

Online scratch-cards must be one of the easiest online casino games to play. Scratch-cards contain instant prices, by simply scratching off all nine squares found on your scratchie card. If three of the symbols match, then you win the corresponding prize. To start playing online scratch-cards, you must create an account at your chosen top online casino. Once the account has been made, choose a game from the online casino lobby and place a bet, click on the plus or minus signs to select your coin size. When you have completed this and wish to try another, click on the new card button. Scratch away the card’s acrylic surface, and your prize will be revealed.

Advantages of Scratch-Cards

There are many advantages scratch-card games have over other forms of lottery games. For one, there is a variety of themes and art design options to choose from. Online scratchies have a range of denominations, meaning that players can fully enjoy the game while playing well within their budgets. Scratch-cards have instant prizes on offer, once you scratch, the prize is revealed and it’s yours. The game is a lot of fun, as your excitements start boiling the minute you start to scratch.

Where Do Scratch-Cards Originate From?

The first scratch-cards were created in the United States by a retail promotions specialist, Daniel Bower and a computer scientist John Koza. The two creators worked for Scientific Games Corporation in 1974. Scratch-cards took off slowly but grew into popularity in 1985 when Cal Tigner developed what was known as ‘the grab a ticket dispenser’. This dispenser made it possible for scratch-cards to be dispersed from anywhere. Early 1995 scratch-cards were presented to online casinos, which offered instantaneous jackpots.


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Scratch Card variations

Scratch-card games are categorised into a lottery and progressive games. The lottery scratch-card games combine big lottery prizes with the typical scratchies game. This type of scratch-card games resembles general lottery games, but the prizes are instantly revealed. Progressive scratch-cards are normal scratchies that contain big pay-outs that can turn you into an instant millionaire. To hit the jackpot, there must be a combination of a particular jackpot on the card.

Rules and Tips for Scratch-Cards

Scratch-cards are purely based on chance. There is no way to strategize a win, but, there are a few tips that can help you expand your winning odds. The first tip is to play a few games that have smaller stakes which will allow you to save your budget and possibly receive a few wins. Most importantly, do not pursuit your losses, this can lead to more being lost, throw in the towel, and live to fight another day.

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