Tips on how to play online pokies and win
The amount of times some players have left a pokie with literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars in their pockets is extraordinary. Here are some pokie tips for playing pokies that should improve your chances of winning. Many people play online pokies every day and most of them think that the games are simple. Players who win put more effort on time into every step of the process. Just by following these pokie tips and strategies, you can be a winner most times:

Pokie tips about how to play pokies

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Pokie Tips : Step by Step explained

Tip 1: Study the Pokie game’s paytables

Paytables explain exactly how a Australian pokies game works at the top online casinos. It lets you know what combinations payout and how much they are worth. You can use this tip to spot the best games with the biggest jackpots. Finally, at pokies, game selection is one of the most important aspects of winning. Also, use the paytable to determine if you have to bet a certain number of coins to have access to the largest jackpots.

Tip 2: Keep an eye on the Pokie game’s pay-lines

If you have a good budget, machines with lots of pay-lines lead to a fast-paced game with lots of action and many different ways to win. If you don’t have enough money, playing twenty pay-lines might be too expensive for you. Decide which one you want.

Tip 3: Count the number of symbols available for each Pokie

The more symbols a pokie has, the harder it is to win. If there are more symbols, there is a smaller chance that you’ll get exactly the one you need.

Tip 4: Think about progressive pokie jackpots

When pokies give a progressive jackpot, they are giving you a special opportunity that some games cannot merely match. Always check the rules that come with it, you usually have to play a maximum bet to win the jackpot.

Tip 5: Check how much it costs per spin for each pokie

You may be able to reduce the coin size drastically, but you still have to play all the pay-lines. Most players say the twenty pay-line video pokies are too expensive to be affordable in the long run.

Tip 6: Pick the right pokie theme you enjoy

Themes make a difference. The pokie game becomes more enjoyable when the theme is not boring and its something that you like.

Tip 7: Be disciplined when playing pokies

Stay disciplined and the wins will come. Don’t lose temper if you take the time to win. Stay calm and don’t go crazy all over the pokie machine.

Tip 8: Understand the gambler’s fallacy when it comes to Pokies

We believe you are misinformed if you’ve heard that pokies go through some kind of cycle and that the next spin is completely your winning if a game hasn’t won in a long time. Pokies don’t go through stages of taking money, as they go through stages of paying out. This is completely a gambling misleading notion.

Tip 9: Look for good bonus pokie games

In most games, scatter symbols trigger free spins and unlock special bonus games and offer big bonus payouts. Always make sure that you don’t ignore bonus games as they pay great money.

Now you have all the information you need to start playing and winning real money online. Just put these tips and techniques to use and you’ll see miracles happen.