An online lottery is a game in which you purchase a ticket with random numbers. Lottery games contain large sums of money that players can win. Online lotteries have the power to change lives and make dreams come true. Although, it was used to raise funds for wars or civil construction. A lottery is a great progressive jackpot as the money increases with every ticket purchase. There are various amounts of lottery games to play in Australia which all contain different prizes and jackpots. Players receive rewards based on the numbers drawn and the numbers they have on their cards. Find out more here.

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Online Lotteries History

The first lottery game took place in China, the Han Dynasty between 187 and 205 BC. The Chinese government used the money raised from the lotteries to improve their infrastructure, like the great wall of China. The game dates back to the Roman empire where it was played at parties. In the early 15th Century, France, Belgium and Netherlands started to use lotteries to raise funds to build towns. In the 18th Century, the game spread all over the globe and grew in popularity among all societies.

How Lotteries Work Online

Online lotteries provide Australian gamblers with the opportunity to win large amounts of money by guessing the lottery numbers which will appear. Lottery games offer players many different banking options and are available to play on various platforms, with a customer care service and major jackpots. It is quite simple to play. All Aussie players must do is register on an online casino, choose a lottery game they want to play and test their luck. Players can either pick the numbers they want or select a dip which will choose numbers randomly for them.

Strategies and Tips for Online Lotteries

Since lotteries is a game that consists entirely of luck, there are not many strategies to improve your odds of winning, but there are a few tips that can help you get the full range of benefits that the game offers.

  • Make sure that the online lottery site that you plan on using is secure. You can do this by checking if the site is reputable by a third party to ensure that your winnings are legit and you can receive them.
  • Be sure to know all the rules of the game and exactly how it’s played as it will help you make the best decisions on what to do and which numbers to choose to stand a better chance of winning.
  • Save money that you win to continue playing without using more of your own money to help you save and increase your bankroll.
  • Hold onto your lottery card, even if online, save it. If anyone gets their hands on your results, they will take what is rightfully yours.


The Rules of Online Lotteries

The rules of online lottos will broaden your view on how the game is played. The rules are there to give you guidelines and help you better your chances.

  • All Australian players must be over the age of 18 to play online lotteries.
  • You must only choose six numbers in a minimum of four rows.
  • You are allowed to play the same numbers repeatedly.
  • Lottery tickets that contain winning digits must be claimed within six months of the date on the lottery ticket.

Choosing Lottery Numbers in Australia

There are some strategies Aussie gamblers can use when choosing which numbers to pick. None of the strategies guarantees a win, as the lottery is largely based on chance. However, there are a few things you can do that will merely increase your chances.

  • Tracking: this is checking how many times numbers have appeared. There are numbers which occur more often than others, known as hot numbers.
  • Wheeling: you can create a master sheet which contains numbers that you feel will be lucky and compare them to how many times they’ve been drawn, the highest ones are the luckiest ones.

Types of Lottery Games Available to Play Online

There are many variants of online lottery games which you can play. The two most popular online lottery games are bingo and keno.

  • Online bingo: bingo is seen as a lotto game as you get a card that holds a lot of random numbers. The caller will draw balls with numbers from the bingo wheel and the numbers that match yours, are the winning ones.
  • Online keno: keno works the same way as a lottery that’s why it is considered to be a lottery game. You select a group of numbers. Random numbers will get selected, and if the numbers match with up to 20 numbers, you will be awarded huge jackpots.

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Online Lotteries FAQs

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