Online blackjack can also be referred to as pontoon or 21. Blackjack is played with a deck of 52 cards, the objective of the game is to achieve a hand value of 21. If you exceed the value of 21, you are automatically out, however, the player that gets 21 or the closest total to that, is the winner. Due to technological advancements, Australians are now able to play blackjack from the comfort of their homes.

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The History of Online Blackjack

Long before the name blackjack came about, this popular game was only known as 21. It is still unknown as to where exactly the game originated, but it can be said that it dates back to approximately the 17th century. The first known writings of blackjack were written by a gentleman named Miguel de Cervantes in an old Spanish story between the years of 1601 and 1602.

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Apparently, Miguel was not only an author but a gambler too and so he took it upon himself to write out detailed summaries of the game as well as its rules. Through de Cervantes’s summation of the game and how to play, it stated that a player needed an ace of spades and a black jack card; either a jack of spades or clubs in order to get Blackjack; it was from this rule, that the game assumed the name, Blackjack.

Online Blackjack Australia- Playing Rules

To understand blackjack at Australia’s best online casinos, it is important that we understand the values of the cards. A King, Queen and a Jack all carry with them the value of 10, an Ace carries the value of either one or eleven, after that whichever other numbered card you have indicates the card value thereof. Online blackjack, very much like land-based blackjack is played with the premise of “player against dealer.” It is said that the game is almost as easy to play as real pokies online.

Variations of Online Blackjack Australia

There are a multitude of blackjack variations that can be found on your chosen online casino. The blackjack variations available are as follows;

Atlantic City Blackjack

This variation of the game is played with eight decks of 52 cards. The game starts with the dealer’s first card being dealt face down. This version of the game allows the player to double down after a split as well as to double down any two of their chosen cards.blackjack atlantic city

Bonus Blackjack

Bonus Blackjack is played very similarly to traditional blackjack, as it uses only two decks of cards. Players, however, cannot surrender, although optional side bets are allowed. Bonus Blackjack provides players with a very strong payout ratio of 50:1.

Double exposure blackjack

This, like Atlantic City blackjack, is played with eight decks of 52 cards. This version begins with the first two cards facing up. This variation of blackjack pays out on even money, however in the event of a tie, the player loses.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack is played with between two and four decks of cards whereby the dealer gets one card. The game then allows the player to get insurance on the premise that the dealer has an Ace. There are said to be an approximation of 5 variations of European blackjack alone.

Spanish Blackjack

This variation of Blackjack is played with eight decks of cards; however, these decks include solely Kings, Queens, Jacks and 10s

Super Fun 21

Super Fun 21 allows for gameplay to include; doubling, hitting, surrender, and standing on any two cards. This form of blackjack is the best if you are looking to have a fun and humorous way of playing 21.

Vegas strip blackjack

The Vegas strip gives the player the opportunity to double down on both cards as well as, splitting and doubling down after a split. This variation is played with four decks of cards.

blackjack vegas strip

Tips for Playing Online Blackjack Australia

  • When playing online blackjack, keep in mind that the objective is not to get 21, but rather to beat the dealer.
  • Be sure to play the online blackjack variation that you are comfortable with and that you know well.
  • Make sure that you are focused throughout the gameplay as card counting could better your chances of winning the game.
  • Ensure that you are sober while playing online blackjack, as you need to be alert and make smart decisions.
  • Be aware of your bankroll and stick with it.
  • Ensure that you check the dealers up card before making a call.
  • You should hit on a hard eight or less.
  • You ought to hit on a soft 15 or less.

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Online Blackjack Glossary

Blackjack basic salary

Within blackjack, there are simple ways in which players can better and enhance their advantage.


A coined phrase or term that is used to describe a player’s hand value of 21 on their first two cards.


A bust is when a player’s hand value exceeds 21.

Card counting

Card counting is a strategy used by players, what they do is, they attempt to memorise the cards that have already been played so that they could determine which cards are still in the deck. By card counting, a player could enhance their chances of winning.

Double down

A player can choose to double their bet when they feel confident that they possess the winning hand. However, if you decide to double down, you do in turn receive another card.


When either the dealer or the player requests for an additional card to be added to their current hand.

Early surrender

This is when a player withdraws themselves from the game before the dealer checks their hand for Blackjack, as the player is not confident in the success of their hand in comparison to that of the dealer.

Even money

This is when a player cashes in at the precise payout ratio, after achieving a natural Blackjack, and the dealer has a hand inclusive of an Ace.

Face cards

Face cards can simply be explained as, the cards that have faces on them, these cards are the; King, Queen and Jack cards.

Face down game

This Blackjack game is whereby the dealer places the first card facing upward and the second card is dealt downward facing.

Hard hand

When a player has, a hand comprising of an Ace with the value of one, or even no Ace at all.


This is the term used when requesting for an additional card.

Late surrender

Whereby a player is given the option to surrender once the dealer has ensured that his hand has not yet found a blackjack. A player makes a late surrender if they do not feel confident about their hand.

Natural Blackjack

This is whereby the initial hand of 2 cards are valued at precisely 21; these are the first two cards that the player is dealt. When a player is dealt a natural blackjack, he/she automatically wins the game.

Soft hand

This is a hand that consists of an Ace, whether it be valued at one or eleven.

Split hand

Allowing the player to split a hand with two of the same cards.


A term used when a player chooses not to draw any more cards.

Standing hand

Refers to a hand with a value of 17 which is likely to go bust with the addition of another card.

Stiff hand

This makes reference to a hand that has a very slim chance of winning.


When a player wishes to withdraw themselves from the round, due to lack of confidence in their hand.

Up card

One of the cards placed facing up, by the dealer.

Hole card

The dealer’s card that he places facing down.


If the dealers up card is an Ace, a player can take insurance on hand. How this works is that, if a dealer does hit 21, then you are protected. What insurance does is, it provides the player with half of the amount of the initial bet.


This is when both the player and the dealer reach a tie, dependant on the rules of your chosen online casino, you as the player could win or you reach a stalemate whereby neither party wins.

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Online Blackjack FAQs

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