A lot of Australian gamblers would like to know about the legalities of pokies in Australia. Many Aussie players raised concerns showing confusion following the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. Knowing what this act really means, will help Aussies to clear up confusion and begin playing for real money comfortably. After reading this, Australians will wager for real money online and win amazing cash without having to worry about rules and regulations.

The online casino market was a booming business prior to 2001. Before the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, it was legal for one to own and operate an online gambling website, but the 2001 Act made an online casino illegal. Those who were operating before the 2001 Act was passed, could continue with their operations. Lasseters Online Casino took advantage of this before shutting down in 2008. Today, most Australian players tend to look for other foreign online casinos that accept players from Australia.

Foreign operators offer services to Aussies

The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 does not stop Australians from spending their money on online pokies. More and more online casino providers are offering their gambling services to Aussies, but whether these facilities obey AU regulations, is still up for debate. Still, there have not been any regulations that prohibit these players from wagering at these websites. Any type of sports betting and lotteries within the Australian borders, are allowed to operate legally, as long as they are associated with a brick and mortar casino.

Brick and mortar regulations

With regards to brick and mortar regulations on online pokies and any form of gambling, Aussies are welcome to play and bet on any casino game they wish to play. With so many casinos in the country, this is a contributing factor to the online gambling market. Almost everywhere you go, you will probably find some sort of a game which you can play and wager, and probably have an opportunity to master the game. Aussie players love casino pokies and have endless opportunities to play in any country across the globe.

Casino attraction in Australia ranges from the Star Casino in Sydney to Crown Casino in Melbourne, and to pokies in your neighbourhood city or village. Almost every city or village in Australia has pokies, so any player, whether beginners or seasoned players, can take advantage of this opportunity. The brick and mortar casinos, which are regulated under the ‘Casino Control Act of 2006’, sets how these corporations are to operate in the country. Specific guidelines and different supervision are set for each state. The 2006 Act allows pokies, table games, and most casino games to comply with the rules and regulations of their particular governing bodies.

Gambling license in Australia – Legalities of Pokies in Australia

All the operators that have the proper gambling license are allowed to have pokies. These types of games are the most popular in Australia. Whilst these are popular amongst Australians, there are talks that there might be a new law that regulates how many pokies will be allowed in particular areas depending on the population. No matter what happens with the calls for more regulations, one thing for sure is that there will still be pokies available to play.

Of course, as with new proposed changes that might come into place, players will need to use ‘smartcards’ to swipe into pokies. The pokies machine will perform a quick search to ensure that the player is not banned from playing. While this might be a good idea, there are still some players who oppose the rule and say it is invasive.

There are still some Aussies who don’t seem to pay attention to some of the changes in Australian Casino regulations. These are the players who want to change things and don’t want to be told how to spend their money. They just go with the flow, play as much as they want depending on the bankroll limits and time.

Although there is a specific group of Australians which aims to make pokies illegal in Australia, it doesn’t seem their objective will be reached soon. Australian people love pokies and Australia is one country that still has more freedom when it comes to the gambling market, than any other country across the globe.

There could be many more arguments and proposals in place to change the regulations, such as making casinos illegal, controlling how people spend their cash, but by doing this, it might lead to more damaging effects than what the regulators expect. In any new law, there are always unintended consequences that rise and discriminate gamblers. At least for now, Australia is in the lead when it comes to gambling freedom and seems to be going stronger and stronger day by day.