Gambling history can be traced back to Chinese origins. Chinese people have been gambling for centuries. They started with Keno, a popular Chinese game which is one of the purest forms of lottery. Keno has been enhanced throughout the years, but many lottery games are diluted forms of Keno.

China has made many contributions to the advancement of gambling, but it was not the first country that contributed to the gambling world. European-based games have become very popular. Craps, roulette, baccarat and blackjack have significant roots in Europe. Craps originates from dice throwing games. Blackjack was invented in Italy and France. Baccarat was a game for wealthy people, even today, baccarat tables are reserved for high-rollers.

Gambling History

The Start of Gambling in Australia

  • The first recorded gambling event in Australia took place in 1810. This was a horse racing meet that took place at Hyde Park in Sydney, Australia.
  • The first lottery game was organised in 1880.
  • The first slot machines were introduced in clubs and pubs in the 1950s. This was when the illustrious history of gambling began in Australia.

The Australian Gambling Landscape

There are over a dozen casinos spread all around Australia at this point. The different states and territories all contain their own legislations when it comes to online and land-based casino gambling. This means that different games are more popular in some places than it is in others. Tradition and habit plus legal elements resulted in the difference in popularity.

History of Sports Betting and Horse Racing

There is no specific date to which the starting point of sports betting is. The only thing known for certain is that it became more organised along with horse-racing in the 1700s in England. Horse-racing gained popularity through the spread of England’s influence around the world. It can be said that other forms of sports betting have been existing for as long as the sport has.

Online Poker History

The first website to offer online poker was Planet Poker, which came into existence on the first of January 1998. The site had a few technical problems caused by the speed and unreliability of dial-up internet. Nevertheless, the casino site quickly attracted players. The rise of Planet Poker led to many other operators coming into play, which were more successful than Planet Poker. Although, the rake levels used by Planet Poker is still used today.

In 1999, a new operator was invented called Paradise Poker. Paradise Poker was more stable and advanced than Planet Poker, which led to it growing fast. The casino site offered Omaha games, Seven Card Stud and Texas Hold’em.

In 2000, Poker Spot was invented by poker professional Dutch Boyd. Poker spot was the first casino site to have tournaments, but lasted only until 2001 because it always had issues with customer payments. PartyPoker and PokerStars was developed in 2001, and quickly became serious sites. PartyPoker held tournaments that offered players a qualification to live casino events which proved to be very popular. But, Paradise Poker remained on the top.

In 2002, poker was televised which attracted large audiences. This was a notable year for both PokerStars and PartyPoker. PartyPoker started advertising the televised poker shows, which lead to it becoming the largest poker site. PokerStars the launched the World Championship of Online Poker, which lead to it trailing PartyPoker.

Ever since, the online casino market grew rapidly and is now one of the most popular forms of online gaming around. The popularity still increases today as players can now find many different internet casino sites online.


The Birth of Online Gambling

Online gambling is relatively new and has made it easier for people to gamble. Online gambling made it possible for people to gamble from wherever they have an internet connection. This helps people avoid travelling to land-based casinos. New online casino games are released almost every day.

The emergence of the first online gambling site revolutionised the gambling industry. The first online casino was established in the 1990s and grew in popularity ever since.

Online Gambling Technological Companies History

Technology advances daily and this, in turn, results in the advancements in online casino sites. Most online casino sites use third-party technology suppliers for their products. The biggest operators receive their software from the suppliers. The quality of the software has increased rapidly over the years as technology has become better. Online gambling sites now use suppliers such as Real-time Gaming, Micro-gaming, Bally Gaming, Playtech and many more. Some of which came into existence not long after the first few casino sites were developed.

Online Casinos History

In 1994, Micro-gaming was established. Micro-gaming was the first company to provide a fully functional real money casino online, called The Gaming Club. Cryptologic, soon joined the market, which was owned by Intercasino. Both Cryptologic and Micro-gaming were the most notable companies in the online casino industry. Therefore, they are still in existence today.

Micro-gaming and Cryptologic played significant roles in developing technologies that are required for financial systems that process players’ transactions and to power games.