Deaf Poker Australia Crowns New 2018 Champion

The International Deaf Poker Federation (IDPF) World Championship, has been holding poker tournaments for the deaf community for the past 10 years. The initiative, also known as Deaf Poker Australia, was founded with the aim of raising awareness of the deaf community’s identity and culture. The 2018 edition had over 100 players participating and was held at the Crown Melbourne.


International Deaf Poker Federation Championship Details

Deaf Poker Australia buy-in was AU$250 and the prize pool from that came to AU$22815. Only the top 15 finalists would be privy to the prize pool. Among the final 15 were three New Zealand poker players who made it to the top ten. Chris Blum walked away in ninth position with AU$685. The two other New Zealanders, Rena Muscat and Caleb Thorn, took the seventh and eighth positions respectively. Muscat with an AU$915 prize and Thorn AU$1140.   There were also some noteworthy players like Mark Theodossiou, who exited at sixth. He was the founding member and at one time, the treasurer of Deaf Poker Australia.

The top five was comprised of really tough competition. Michael Lockrey who led the 2017 Deaf Poker Australia State of Origin winning team, held the fifth spot. In fourth place was Matthew Hayman, this was his fifth final table DPA championship game. Alisha Wormald, Rino Spadea, and Daryl Jordan battle it out for the top position. Spadea’s A-10 lost to Wormald’s A-Q combination against the A-8-6-2-3 community cards board. The final was between Daryl Jordan and Alisha Wormald, where the latter came out victorious to win the AU$5930 prize money.

Upcoming Deaf Poker Australia Championship Events

The next two International Deaf Poker tournament hosts have already been decided. The 2019 edition of International Deaf Poker Federation (IDPF) World Championship will be hosted by Crown Casino in Perth. UK Deaf Poker will host the 2020 championship.

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