VIP gamblers are those who spend large amounts of money at Australian online casinos. These high spending players are also known as high-rollers. Online casinos make it their duty to keep players of this stature happy and eager to come back. VIP’s are the casino’s most important players. This is where the VIP Program comes into play. VIP programs are dedicated to committed gamblers, providing them with rewards to keep them entertained. What differentiates a VIP player from a regular player is the amount of money that they spend. VIP bonuses were created to reward loyal Aussie players. The VIP program contains many benefits for all players to enjoy. Find out what the benefits of being an online casino VIP member are here.

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How to Enter the VIP Program

The VIP program contains many rewards and bonuses. For players to achieve VIP status, it is important for them to check the tiers of rewards and what they will prefer. Although this program sounds great it is important to remember that there are specific requirements that players need to meet to become a part of such an elite program

The VIP program is financially demanding which means that not all players can achieve it. Before a player can achieve VIP status, the online casino requires them to make a huge cash deposit into their casino accounts. This, accompanied by frequent bets and additional cash deposits will lead to an online casino taking notice a player. Some casinos also take note players that progress through the loyalty program, which also requires a significant amount of money and time.

How to Select the Best VIP Casino

Firstly, players will have to make sure that the online casino they are planning to join has VIP program. Once they find one, they will have to consider a few options before dedicating themselves to the casino. These will ensure that they find the best one to enjoy. Listed below are some of the aspects players should keep in mind:

Safety and security

Safety and security is the most significant aspect when choosing an online casino with the best VIP program. Players should start off by making sure that the casino is licensed and regulated, this will provide certainty that the internet casino is fair and will not cheat the player. Players need to ensure that the casino uses the best security systems, like 128-bit SSL encryption. The security software will be sure to keep player’s information safe and protected. A simple way to ensure that a casino site is secure is to look at the left-hand side of the URL bar, if it features a green lock, then you are rest assured that the site is safe.

Selection of games

The casino games and the opportunity to win are what make internet casinos such a blast. Therefore, gambler’s need to make sure that the online casino has a vast selection of games. The games you play are what will bring you closer to VIP status. So, make sure that the casino offers great games for you, so that you will never get bored.

Pay-out speed

It is important to find a casino that has a fast pay-out speed. No player wants to wait weeks on end for their winnings. Therefore, a player needs to find a casino that pays out in a matter of days. An online casino must have a pay-out speed of three to five days. This will ensure that you can receive your winnings faster and progress to the VIP program quicker.

What can Players gain from being a part of the VIP Program?

There are some great benefits that come with being a VIP member. For players to earn large sums of points, they will have to make big wagers. These wagers will allow players to redeem points and move up to the VIP program. Some games earn players more points than others. So, play games that reward you more points to maximize on your prizes.

Rewards include bonus credits, cash or tickets to vacations or items from the VIP store. VIP points or loyalty points do not have a wagering requirement. This means that you will be able to spend your points without any hesitation. The points received can be converted to real money which players can withdraw or spend at the online casino as extra credits. The VIP program makes players eligible for higher bonuses, tournament entries, reactivation bonuses, special prizes and offline prizes like a vacation or boat cruise. At times, being a member of the VIP program means that you will be able to make speedier withdrawals than regular players would.

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VIP Program Bonuses and Rewards

VIP players get standard rewards, but they are much bigger than regular rewards. There are a few rewards offered to VIP gamblers that regular players won’t receive. The casino bonuses come in many different forms. They will be explained below.

High-Stake Games

These are games with higher betting limits. The rewards, being a weekend getaway, huge jackpots and prizes, for these types of games make it worth playing as it is high-risk.

Credit Advances

VIP players are presented with the opportunity to continue playing even after their funds have run out. They are awarded VIP credits, which allows them to continue playing.

Quicker Withdrawal

Most casinos have a waiting period of 24 hours before players can withdraw their winnings, but this is largely dependent on the payment method is chosen by gamblers. However, VIP players are granted the chance to withdraw faster, by “flushing” during the waiting period. The flush option is only available for VIP members.

Special Rewards and Gifts

Gamblers who are a part of the VIP program not only receive extra credits and free spins, but they are also rewarded exclusive gifts. The gifts consist of special occasions and events, such as sporting events.

Private VIP Manager

This is a special bonus, in which players are assigned a private manager to assist them with any queries they might have. The VIP manager is available for the player at their convenience. The VIP manager may even accompany the gambler for VIP treatment, which is organised by the casino. If the player wishes.

VIP Program Tiers

VIP programs will allow Aussie players to access higher tiers with better returns. The tiers are structured into different levels, each level is known as silver, gold and platinum. Some have diamond tiers available for big spenders. It is important to know that the more you wager or spend, accompanied by how long you’ve been at the casino, the higher your tier will be.

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