Sic Bo online is a well-known dice game, known as the grandfather of dice games wherein bets are dependent on the results of three dice. Sic Bo, meaning “dice pair” in Chinese. Sic Bo, a simple dice game, with three dice, all of which gets rolled at once. The online game has many names including, Dai Sai and Big Small.

The game is seen to be based on chance, but it contains strategies that can be studied to enhance the players chance of winning. Sic Bo online is very similar to online craps but offers players different challenges. Sic Bo online is easy to play as you can win with almost every roll, strategies and tips are given to help you improve your game-play, so take advantage of the tricks and tips below.

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sic bo

The History of Online Sic Bo

Sic Bo originates from ancient China where they played the game with bricks. The bricks contain numbers on their sides and were thrown, and bets were placed on the outcomes of the number the bricks land on. It is not clear when the game was created, but the Chinese have been playing it for almost 2000 years now. Although its long line of history, Sic Bo hasn’t changed much in the premise of betting, the only thing that changed was the dice and where the game is played.

How to Play Online Sic Bo

Before rolling the dice, the players place their bets on the result of the dice roll, by placing their chips on the number they think it will stop on. Once the player’s bet has been placed, the dice will be tossed virtually, and the results will be exposed. For the dice to be rolled without any chance of cheating, it is controlled by a Random Number Generator (RNG). The table for has different betting types on the table.

The best Sic Bo bets are big and small bets. Small bets win if the result of the dice is between the numbers 4 to 10. A big bet results in a win when the outcome falls between 11 and 17. If a triple is thrown, all the dice being the same number, it will result in the player losing. The objective in Sic Bo, is to bet on the result of the dice. Bets are made by first choosing the chip size you want to bet, by clicking on the plus or minus button to choose your chip size, then click on the betting table to place your bet.

Sic Bo Rules

The Sic Bo rules are pretty basic, but it is important to know them to stand a chance to beat the odds. The most important rule in Sic Bo that you should know is you can wager on as many or as few outcomes as you like. If you wager on a triple, the three dice must match, but if not, the dice do not have to match. Ensure that you have a flawless internet connection, losing connection in the middle of a game will result in a loss.

Different variations of Sic Bo

Sic Bo, like all online casino games have variants. Grand Hazard and Chuck-a-luck are both variations of Sic Bo.

Grand hazard

Grand hazard is of English origin, also using three dice. The dice are rolled down a chute or tossed with a cup. The chute contains a series of disposed planes, known as a hazard-chute. The hazard-chute tumbles the dice when they fall. If the roll results in ruffles, 3 of a kind, the pay-out will be 180-1.


Chuck-a-luck is also known as “chuckerluck”, “sweat cloth” and “birdcage”. Chuck-a-luck is and American version of Grand Hazard. The game is also uses three dice which are kept in a device that looks like a birdcage, that hinges in the centre. Chuck-a-luck usually features single-number wagers but you can make a further bet for a triple.

sic bo dice

Tips and Strategies for Online Sic Bo

Sic Bo contains various tips to help you beat the odds, although these will not change the result of the roll. They will help you make informed decisions and give you a head-start to greatness. It is important to know the betting options, this will ensure that you know all the possible outcomes. Know what the houses’ edge is and the odds of each bet. Play the game in free mode before you play for real money, as this will help you practice. Start off by placing small or big bets to get used to the game, before making bigger bets. Choose the right table, you can do this by looking at the numbers on the centre of the table. The best table would be the one offering a sixty-five to one option, as the house edge here is 8.33%. Set a limit for yourself because setting a limit on the amount of money you willing to lose, will help you save more than you spend.

Important Sic Bo Terms

Sic bo contains many terms that is important to understand the game. These terms will broaden the way you play the game.

  • Betting table: A table with the different bets on the player can make.
  • Betting limit: This is the minimum or maximum betting amounts.
  • Bankroll: The amount of money a player has, to gamble with.
  • Clear: This is when all bets are cleared from the table and all the chips are returned to the players.
  • Cage: This is a device that is used to shake the dice, it is also known as a shaker or a cup.
  • Big bet: A bet which the result of the dice outcome will be between eleven and seventeen.
  • Small bet: A wager that the result of the dice will be between four and ten.
  • Dice: A cube with six faces, each containing one to six dots. It is the primary object used in the game.
  • Double: A wager that two of the dice will have the same number.
  • Re-bet: A repeat of the previous bet.
  • Duo: A wager that two dice will result with two different numbers.
  • Simple: This is a bet on one number, also known as a single bet.
  • Spin: This button sets the cage in motion.
  • Total: A wager made on the precise number that the dice will land on.
  • Strong bet: A wager that applies to all the dice at the same time.
  • Weak bet: This bet does not depend on all the dice at the same time, but rather one or two.
  • Triple: A bet on the result of the three dice being a specific number.
  • Even: A bet on the result of the dice being an even number.
  • Big/hi: A wager that the result of the dice will be between eleven to seventeen.
  • Odd: A bet for the product of the dice to be an odd number.
  • Layout: The marked betting areas on the table.
  • Sum: A wager that the total outcome of the dice will be between four and seventeen.
  • Two of a kind: A wager that two of the dice will contain a specific number.
  • 3 of a kind: A bet for all the dice to have the same number.

Different Kinds of Sic Bo Bets

  • Two of a kind: This is a bet for two of the three dice to have the same number. This bet is also known as a double.
  • 3 of a kind: A bet for all dice to have the same number. This bet is least likely to occur; therefore, it has the highest pay-out.
  • Any 3 of a kind: This is a wager that all the dice will have the same result, between three different numbers.
  • Sum: A bet on the total number of the three dice to amount to a specific number between four and seventeen.
  • Duo: A bet for two different numbers to appear on two of the three dice.
  • Total: A wager that the result of all the dice will be the same number.
  • Small: A wager that the result of the dice will be between four and ten.
  • Big: A wager that the result of the three dice will be between eleven and seventeen.
  • Two-dice combination: A bet for the outcome of two dice to have two specific numbers.
  • Single-die bet: A bet for one of the dice to have a specific number.

Online Sic Bo Game Compared to Online Craps

Sic Bo and craps are both dice games. However, they differ in many ways. The main difference is that Sic Bo is purely based on chance, while craps can be strategized on, this is because, in craps, some bets need a certain roll to commence before they can amount to actual winning. The betting options which are given also differs as well as the house edge.

sic bo table

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