Online Roulette is a firm Australian casino favourite. Whether you play online roulette or offline, the casino game is undeniably a hugely exciting casino attraction. Because of its simplicity roulette is a great game for even the newest of casino players. Again it’s the simplicity of roulette that makes it such an adaptable game which can be played across all mobile devices and PCs.  The best Australian casinos have the best roulette tables for players to enjoy on whatever device they choose. Whether you are looking for real-money online roulette or roulette free games, the casinos we have shortlisted have the best range of games to choose from. Online roulette has come a log way from its french roots and has evolved into a variety of versions. Our aim is to guide players to finding what roulette game suits them individually.

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Playing Online Roulette

To play roulette online is simple. Online casino gambling remains faster than land-based casinos which allow players to stand a chance to win more frequently. Playing for actual money is only possible once you have a casino account. Aussie online roulette begins with the players placing their bets. You can distinguish bets between inside bets and outside bets. The aim in online roulette is to guess the number or group of numerals on which the ball will land. If the wheel stops spinning and the ball comes to an end on your number, you win!

Best Roulette Games

Online roulette comes in different variations. The variety includes American roulette, European roulette and French roulette. The game consists of many others, but these are the most famous ones. Although all the games are the same, they have a few differences that you can identify.

American Roulette Online

On a basic roulette board, there is a single zero, but this is not the case with American roulette. American roulette has a double zero feature which is green. The two zeros increase the gamblers play speed and the stakes. Aside from the 00 on the wheel and betting board, American roulette does not differ from the other roulette games in game-play. To enjoy American roulette, merely click on a chip value, then choose the part of the board you would like to place your chips on. You can bet on both odd and even numbers, which is simple, but betting on a basket or six-line makes it a bit more difficult.

French Roulette Game

Roulette, originates from France in 1800s. French roulette uses the same wheel as European roulette which means there is a single zero. The only thing that distinguishes French roulette from European roulette is the ‘La Partage’ rule which means ‘the shared’. The la partage rule means if you bet on an odd or even number, and the ball lands on zero, you get half of your money back. This rule reduces the house edge and increases the gamblers chances of winning. French roulette terms differ from other roulette terms. The words even and odds are replaced with the pair and impair. The first, second and third dozen columns represent the letters P, M and D. The word manqué mans the first 18 numbers and pass means 19 to 36.

European Online Roulette

European roulette is the same as French roulette except for the terms being in French. The roulette wheel has only one zero. European roulette has a “double dozen” betting technique that involves equivalent quantities on two sets of twelve numbers. A single dozen pays-out a ratio of 2:1. By gambling on two dozen’s, you can cover 24 figures and get a return of one component.

The Best Roulette Strategy and Tips

Online roulette contains many strategies and tips for players to decrease their losses and increase the chances of winning. The following tips will help you to improve the way you play.

  • The first and most important tip is to set a bankroll and not to exceed it., this will ensure that you do not lose more money than you can afford. Set a limit to how much you can lose and stick to it. It is also a good idea to set a limit to how much you expect to win, stop playing when you reach it.
  • It will be best to engage in European or French roulette because the house edge is 2.7% compared to American roulette that has a house edge of 5.26%. By choosing your game wisely, you can improve your chances of winning.
  • One of the most important tips is to understand the rules of online roulette as there are many variations of the game. The aim and basic rules are similar, but there are slight variations.
  • Play in the Free-play mode. It is important to practice the game for free before playing for money as it will help you learn the rules and familiarise yourself with gameplay.
  • Online roulette has loads of bet combinations but falls into two categories, inside and outside bets. Keep track of the numbers that appear most, so you can adjust your bets to include inside bets. You’ll have a chance to win more often by playing the outside, but your gains will be less.
  • To bet on both the odds and evens does not make sense because if you win one, the other will cancel it out due to a loss.
  • Set a time limit or how long you want to gamble. Many people can gamble on end, but it is a good idea to set a time limit as it can be bad for your personal life and your bank account.Roulette strategies

Rules for Playing Roulette Online

The rules of online roulette are essential, especially if you are playing for factual money. The rules can guide you to improve the way you play and increase your opportunity to win. One thing you must know is that some bets pay more. The less numbers you bet on, the more your wins will be. The following is a list of pay-outs and odds that you must know.

American Roulette

  •  0, 00, or any single digit pays out 33:1 wherein the odds are 37:1.
  • 0, 00 or any adjacent numbers pays out 17:1 and the odds of winning are 18:
  • Any three numbers pay out 11:1 where the odds are 1.557:1.
  • Any four numbers in a square pay out 8:1 and the odds are 8.5:1.
  • 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3 pay out 6:1 wherein the odds are 5.33:1.
  • A dozen or column bet pays out 2:1 and the odds are 2.157:1.
  • Red, black, even or odd 1 to 18, 19 to 36 pays out 1:1 and the odds are 1.111:1.

European And French Online Roulette

  • A straight bet, odds: 36:1, pay out: 35:1.
  • A split bet, odds: 17.5:1, pay out: 17:1.
  • Street bet, odds: 11.33:1, pay out: 11:1.
  • A corner bet: 8.25:1, pay out: 8:1.
  • Double street bet, odds: 6:1, pay out: 5:1.
  • Column bet, odds: 2.08:1, pay out: 2:1.
  • Dozen bet, odds 2:1, pay out: 2.08:1
  • Even money bets odds: 1.01:1, pay out: 1:1.

The bets are a significant factor to know. The stakes differ from American roulette to French and European roulette because the American roulette wheel has a double zero digit.

Online Casino Roulette Terms and Definitions

Online roulette has many terms which one should know. These terms broaden your understanding of the game. The words you should know are:

  • Black bet: this means betting on a black number being the outcome.
  • Red bet: betting on a red figure to be the outcome.
  • Column bet: this means betting on a column of 12 numbers. The roulette table has three column bets to choose.
  • Corner bet: this means placing a bet on the four numbers that are in the corner of the roulette table.
  • Croupier: the croupier is the roulette dealer.
  • Single zero roulette: this is another name for European roulette.
  • Double zero: the double zero is uniquely seen on the American roulette wheel.
  • Dozen bet: this means betting on a group of twelve numbers.
  • Five number bets: a five number bet means placing a bet on 0, 00, 1, 2, 3. This is only available in American roulette.
  • Inside bet: this means placing a bet on the inner section of the roulette table.
  • Outside bet: placing a bet on the outside section of the roulette table.
  • Low bet: placing a bet on a group of numbers that range from 1 to 18.
  • Neighbour bet: placing a bet on the racetrack section of the table or a single number and the two numbers next to it.
  • Orphans: placing a bet on five numbers. Ideally found in French roulette.
  • Split bet: this is betting on two adjacent numbers on the roulette wheel.
  • Straight bet: this is a single number bet.
  • Tiers du cylinder: a bet on twelve numbers which are opposite the 0 on the wheel in French roulette.
  • Voisins de zero: a bet in French roulette where the players bet on 0 and seven numbers to the right and nine numbers to the left of the 0.

History of The Roulette Game

Roulette started in 1796 and has a long chequered history as it spread all around the world to different cultures. The game was initially created by physicist Blaise Pascal who tried to create a perpetual motion machine, but he failed. Roulette dates back to the 17th century in France. The name roulette means “spinning wheel” in French. It is believed that roulette originates from a 17th-century Italian game called Haco which features a circular table with forty cups placed around the edges. A ball was released in the centre and rolled until it would stop in a cup.

The game known as French roulette has been played in France since the late 18th century and the variations have not changed to today. American roulette came into existence in the late 18th century when French immigrants brought roulette to America during the French revolution. The Americans changed some features to the game, including the double zero and an eagle to the slots on the table to increase the houses’ edge, but the eagle was removed, and the double zero remains constant.

In 1994 the first online casino was launched, and roulette came with it, along with new variations. The game, online roulette grew in popularity because it is easy to access by people from all around the world.

roulette table

How to Play Online Roulette Real Money


Playing roulette online is relatively simple. No skill is required  to master this casino game. The wheel is spun and wherever the ball lands determines the outcome of the game. Casino roulette is wildly popular because of the element of unpredictability. Depending on what variation of the game you play, odds vary. The American variant usually has the least favourable odds because of the double zero on the wheel. Although, it is a game of chance, the strategies we mentioned earlier , will help make the most of gambling experience.


Mobile Roulette Online

Online roulette remains accessible on your desktop as well as your mobile device. All you need to do is find a site that supports your device, and that can access real money casino gambling when you have an internet connection. Online roulette for a mobile device is supported on IOS, Android, Tablets, Windows phone, and Blackberry.  Online roulette allows easy access for smartphone users and looks like an app that was installed. When using your mobile, you can sign into your current account, create a new one or start playing for free without logging in at all. Your menu, transaction listings and actions, additional game settings and contact information for customer support will all be with easy reach while you are playing.

Free Online Roulette Customer Support

Customers usually find themselves needing additional information, may it be of the game, the banking methods or the rules, therefore, all top online casinos have a 24hour support team to ensure that no questions go unanswered. You may feel free to contact the casino at any time of the day or night, and you will be assisted in the best way possible.

Online Roulette FAQs

There are many questions which online gamblers tend to ask. The following are the most frequently asked questions to help you with additional information that you need.

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