Online poker is a card game based on skill. Poker players win based on the combination of cards they hold. Online poker is convenient and allows you to play anywhere you see fit, all you need is a good internet connection.

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Online poker is a fast-growing game with many features that set it apart from other online gambling games. There is a variety of poker games to play on a wide array of virtual platforms for professional and novices gamblers. Online poker presents you with the opportunity to make a large sum of money through online tournaments. The variety of poker games enhances your chances of winning, you can find one you prefer by playing the free mode game, to brush-up on your skills and learn all the bets available. brings you all the information you need to be the best online poker player out there.

Variants of Online Poker

There are a variety of online poker games for you to choose. Online poker has a large array of games, but the best versions are Texas hold’em, deuces wild, all aces, three card poker and jacks or better.

Texas Hold’em:

This is the most popular version of poker which offers many strategies and great visuals for you to feast. Texas hold’em uses a 52-card deck that gets shuffled before every hand. The player starts with two-hole cards as there are three rounds of community cards, that is dealt facing up for players to use. The players can place their bets after each round. The winner of Texas hold’em is the person who has the best five card hand.

Online Omaha poker

This version of poker is fast and very exciting. It has increased in popularity since there are many hand combinations. Online Omaha poker starts each player off with a hand of four-hole cards. This version of poker uses a standard 52-card deck as in majority forms of poker. Online Omaha poker aims to have the best five-card draw in your hand.

Stud poker:

Stud poker is a version of poker known as seven card stud. Seven card stud poker makes it easier to see what your opponent holds in their hand or which cards they can draw. Players receive two face-down cards and one card which faces up. Once the player has acted, another card is dealt face up, which leads to another betting round, which occurs until the player has three cards facing down and four cards facing up. The game ends with the winner being the one who has the best five card hand.


Razz is the exact opposite of seven card stud, in which you aim to get the best low-hand five card draw from seven cards. The objective of razz is to get the lowest hand possible. Gamblers are started off with two-hole cards and one up-card. The dealer then gives the player three more up-cards and a final down-card. The players bet will end with seven cards, four facing up and three facing down. If the player has a lower hand of five cards from their seven cards than the dealer, they will win. The best hand includes a value of two, three, four and five.

Online five-card draw poker:

In this version of poker, players receive five cards to start off with, but they can choose to discard it and draw new cards. Players are given the option to exchange or draw more cards at least once throughout a round. The goal of five-card draw poker is to make a hand with the highest five-card combination.

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Basic Online Poker Hands

The following poker hands are the most typical online poker hands. These are the winning hands. If you remain with one of these hands at the end of the game, the possibility of you winning.

Straight flush Straight flush is a hand of five cards all from the same suit that is in order
Full house A hand that has three cards of the same rank and two cards that are different with equal value.
Straight A straight hand is a hand made up of five cards that are in order.
One pair These are two cards of the same rank and three unrelated cards.
Two pairs Two pair is a hand with two different pairs of an equal value of cards and one side card
Three of a kind This is when three cards have equal worth and two cards are unrelated
Four of a kind This includes four cards that have the same rank and one side card which is known as the kicker
Flush A flush is a hand made up of five cards all of the same suit


Online Poker Tips Strategies

When playing online poker, it is important to realise that results are not everything, you can play at your worst and still stand a chance of winning. It is vitally important to separate your results from your play. When engaging in online poker, you must be prepared to fold most of the time, and you must be very selective on those which you choose to bet. You have the options of betting and raising which are often better than checking and calling.

Playing Online Poker for Real Money

The best feature you can find on online poker is the feature to play for real money. Nothing makes a game more exciting than playing for cash. Whether the stakes are small, or big, you can play to win money. The beauty of playing for real money is that you can take home as much money as possible, but I would refrain from getting greedy if I were you. Poker is a game of chance, and you can lose money just as easily as you can win it. To play for real money is very simple, all you have to do is create an account, deposit cash and play. It will be a great idea to practise online poker before playing, this will ensure that you are entirely comfortable to take full advantage of the game and all it has to offer.

History of Online Poker

Poker is a game which was only played in bars and casinos, until the early 2000s, which lead to the innovation of online poker. The internet and an accountant from Tennessee elevated poker to primetime as technology advanced and secure online poker sites were launched. In 2003, an amateur poker player, Chris Moneymaker, qualified for the World Series of poker main event by joining a $40 tournament online. Chris ended up winning the tournament and won a reward of $2.5 million. This lead to people taking online poker more seriously as it grew in popularity. Ever since poker made its introduction to the internet, many gamblers started playing from the comfort of their homes as it was convenient.

Online Poker Tournaments

Online poker consists of numerous high-profile tournaments that are played in Australia each year. The major tournaments one can find is the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) and the Spring Million and Sunday warm-up. Although all the tournaments are not online, there are tournaments which you can enter every day, but the cash prizes won’t be as much. There are three main types of internet poker tournaments, the cash games, the scheduled tournaments and sit-and-go tournaments. The cash games tournament is for a minimum of six people and a maximum of ten. This tournament has no limit pot and no pot limit betting. Stakes for the cash games range from $0.01 up to $1000. The scheduled tournament, also known as the multi-table tournament, are scheduled ahead of time with set amounts of buy-ins and entry fees. The prize pool is determined by the number of gamblers which enter the tournament. The sit-and-go tournaments are also known as SNGs. SNGs can start whenever there are enough players who want to join, which is a minimum of two people. The sit-and-go tournament usually accommodates for a table worth of players, but multi-table SNGs are also available.

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The Rake in Poker

The rake is a small sum of money which the house takes out of every pot to generate money, which is a result of players being able to play against one another and the house. The rake is mostly taken from the pot when at least one round of betting is complete. The rake is taken out of the pot every time it reaches a certain amount, up to a maximum amount. The rake plays a key role in majority bonuses and rewards. This means that a percentage of the rake is attributed towards you. The rake helps you with bonus offers and to earn loyalty points.

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