Keno is a popular online casino game in Australia, also known as the Chinese lottery. Keno contains large jackpots which can lead to Australian players being millionaires. To stand a chance to win large sums of money, all you have to is purchase a keno ticket. Online keno allows Aussie gamblers to set the pace of draws, so you can test your luck at winning every minute.

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0nline keno history

Keno originates from China and means “white dove ticket”. Which was derived from pigeons who carried the winning numbers to the rural Chinese villages. The game was invented by a man named Cheung Leung during the war to raise money for the cities defences. The original game consisted of 120 characters, instead of numbers, from an ancient poem. Keno rapidly spread across China which lead to its success and later made its way into the U.S. when railway workers from China immigrated there in the 19th century. The use of characters was replaced with numbers for non-Chinese speaking people to understand, this lead to it spreading further, from saloons to casinos.

How to play keno online

Online keno can be played by filling out a card with numbers before the draw. The draw takes place every five minutes. You can play keno by filling out a card, as video keno, using a machine, or on an online casino. Online keno is played with eighty numbers on a board, known as spots, which are easy to choose, you just have to click on them. Twenty numbers are chosen randomly and are called hits. Australian players are allowed to choose as many as twenty spots, with the least being one spot. Choosing twenty numbers might be a smart decision as you can lose all your money doing so. Getting a total of fifteen numbers collected provide the highest jackpots.

Play Online Keno for Real Money

Online keno relies on numbers which are randomly drawn, this means that the game is fair and you can rely on the results. Playing keno online for real money can be beneficial if you want to increase your bankroll. The game is easy to play. Keno jackpots range up to millions, and all it takes is collecting 15 numbers.

Online Keno Game Rules

The rules for online keno are pretty basic, players are given a card which contains twenty numbers. The numbers are randomly selected from a pool that is numbered from one to eighty, and is printed on every card. A caller, being the online casino, chooses twenty balls and displays the numbers. If the numbers correspond to the ones the players have on their cards, they will mark it off.

keno table

Online Keno Terms and Definitions

Keno contains many words which are important to understand the game. The terms are used often and can help you better the way you play.

  • All or nothing: this is when a ticket only pays out if a player gets all 20 numbers correctly.
  • Blower: this is the part of the keno machine which draws the balls
  • Bubble: this is the container which holds the eighty keno balls
  • Caller: the person that calls the selected numbers. In the case of online keno, it is the online casino.
  • Catch: when a number is called that a player possesses on their card.
  • Catch all: this is a keno game that only pays-out if a player gets all the numbers on a card.
  • Catch zero: this is when the player has no numbers that were called on their card.
  • Combination ticket: this is a ticket with multiple keno wagers on it.
  • Free play: this is playing a game a keno without having to bet.
  • Keno balls: keno balls are numbered balls. The balls are numbered from one to eighty.
  • Number pool: the number pool is the series of numbers that the keno numbers are drawn from.
  • Straight ticket: this is a normal keno ticket.
  • Split ticket: this is a ticket that contains two or more sets of numbers which are played simultaneously.
  • Quit race: this is when a player cashes in before the play is finished.

How to Beat the Odds in Keno Online

Although online Keno is a game based on pure luck, you still stand a chance to increase your likelihood of winning. The easiest way to make big money on online keno is to play the biggest jackpots, as they increase your chances of winning big, at once. You can brush-up on your skills by studying the spots to choose, and the sizes of the bets, to give you a clearer understanding of the game.

Keno Bonus Offers Online

Online casinos like to welcome new players with what is known as a welcome bonus. The bonus will include free casino credits that you can use to play keno and other lotteries. This bonus will increase your bankroll and give you an opportunity to make more money than you have deposited. Keno also offers various different bonus numbers throughout the game, to increase your chances of winning and to give you an opportunity to win big jackpots.

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