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Online craps is one of Australia’s leading dice games, that uses virtual dice. The outcome of the dice thrown depends on the combination of the dice. Online craps uses two dice for players to throw, where the numbers seven and eleven are winning numbers and a two, three or twelve is a loss. The results of the dice being thrown can result in the shooter being the winner, or the loser, based on their bet. The results of the dice can also result in the player winning or losing. The game can continue for one or more rounds. The betting patterns of online craps are complex but the pass line bet is one of the most secure bets to make. It is important to know which bets offer the best odds, like the pass line bet which has a house edge of 1.41%. There are numerous variations of craps, all of which can be played in free play or real money modes.

How to Play Online Craps

Craps is a very simple game to play yet it consists of complex rules. As previously stated, the game is played with dice and the players place their bets on the outcome of their roll or series of rolls. Craps wagers differ between street craps and casino craps, when playing street craps, wagers are made between the players, but when playing casino craps, wagers are made with the banker. There are multiple betting options to choose from, which might be a tricky if you do not understand the game. Online craps follows a series of bets which include the numbered outcome of the dice, betting on the player, or betting on the banker.

Steps to Playing Online Craps

The first step to playing online craps is to learn the rules of the game, once you have learned the rules you can master the game and dominate your opponent. Once you have mastered the rules of the game, it might be a good idea to start off playing free crap games to get in-depth knowledge of the rules and how to play the game. You can familiarise yourself with the variations of bets and the pattern of the bets and outcomes. There are different systems and bet combinations which can help you win more at online craps. Learn and apply the different strategies of the game in free mode before playing for real money. This will broaden your strategies and enhance your game play.

The Variations of Craps

Online craps offers many different variations. For beginners, simplified craps would be a great way to start as there are less betting variations. Simplified craps is also played with two dice. In simplified craps, you need to get a total of two, three, four, ten, eleven or twelve to win, but if your roll equates to five, six, seven, eight or nine, this will result in a loss.

High point craps is very popular among Aussie online gamblers, in which the higher the total of your roll, the better chance you have of winning. Rolls of two or three are ignored in high point craps and getting a total of eleven or twelve results in a win. Any other value becomes point and the gambler must roll again to get a higher total.

advantages of craps

Advantages of Playing Online Craps

Online craps allows gamblers to enjoy the game from the comfort of their homes, or wherever they feel like enjoying a game of craps. The biggest advantage of playing online craps is the fact that it offers bonuses to players, whether they are beginners, or experts. When playing for real money, online craps is very rewarding and you can win big cash prizes depending on the bets and strategies that you use.

Online Craps for Real Money

The beauty of playing online craps is that you can play for real money whenever you see fit, playing online can be rewarding as you spend less on travelling. Playing online craps can be confusing at first, but once you are comfortable with the game after playing for free, you can play for real money to increase your bankroll and make some extra cash. This online casino game gives Aussie online players the chance to win large sums of money.

The Odds of Online Craps

Online craps offers players a good chance of winning as the house edge is 0.67%. This is a very low house edge so players have a great chance of winning real money. The only way to beat the odds is to familiarise yourself with the rules, betting options and possible outcomes you might roll. Once you have a clear understanding of this, the odds will be in your favour.

A Brief History About Online Craps

Craps was known as Hazard in the early 1200s derived by a British knight, Sir William of Tyre who introduced the game with a simple way of rolling dice and placing bets. The game was later adapted by an American man, John Winn, who added many different betting types. Once it grew in popularity in America, bets such as ‘don’t pass’ and ‘pass’ became an integral part of the game and remains constant today. Craps can be played everywhere because of its simple nature, which lead to its popularity among soldiers in World War II. The game was formerly known as street craps. Craps received its name from a shortened French name, ‘crapaud’, which lead to an informal street version called street craps.

craps dice

Online Craps Terms and Definitions

Online craps consists of a few terms which must be understood by gamblers to fully comprehend the game.

  • The come-out roll: this is the first roll the shooter takes in a new game of craps.
  • The shooter: the shooter is the player who rolls the dice when playing a game of craps against the casino.
  • A pass line bet: this is a bet made by the gambler before throwing the come-out roll. If the come-out roll equates to seven or eleven, the bet wins and a come-out roll of two, three or twelve means the bet is lost.
  • The don’t pass bet: this is the opposite of a pass line bet, meaning the value of two, three and twelve will result in the bet is won and seven or eleven means the bet is lost.

Online Craps FAQs

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