A popular card game in which the objective is to mark off all the numbers on their cards and match the five squares in their row, online bingo certainly contains loads of fun and excitement as players mark off the numbers called by the caller. The numbered squares on the cards, needs to match the numbers that are randomly called out. Online bingo is also known as “housie”. Online bingo offers players a variety of themes, with the best graphics possible. The game is very easy to play, with loads of different versions and many different betting types for Aussie players which will be discussed below.

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Online Bingo History

Bingo is an Italian lotto gambling game previously identified as Il Giuoco del lotto d’Italia which was established in 1530. The game spread to France in the 1770s and was named “Le Lotto” which mostly played by the upper class. In 1929 the game spread to the United States and was called “Beano”. The game was later renamed “Bingo” when a salesman in New York heard someone shout bingo instead of “house”. Thereafter, he then hired a mathematician to assist him in adding more number combinations on the cards. In 1934, approximately 10 000 bingo games were played every week and churches used the game to raise funds.

How to Play Bingo Online

Bingo is a simple card game to play. In order for players to understand the game, they need to know the basics. Bingo is played with a card that has five columns with five squares on it. The squares are all numbered, except for the one in the middle which is the free space. The focus of Bingo is to find numbers that are called out. Once the number is called that appears on the players card, the player must mark the block. The player must make a pattern of ticked numbers to win. The columns are named bingo, which each contains a series of numbers:

  • B: Is the numbers from one to fifteen
  • I: The numbers from sixteen to thirty
  • N: Thirty-one to forty-five
  • G: Forty-six to sixty
  • O: Sixty-one to seventy-five

Different Online Bingo Games

Online bingo has many variants, while the most popular is traditional bingo, you can also play exotic versions of the game such as American and European bingo. For new comers, you can play the free mode game of the different bingo games to choose which one suits you better. Playing in the free mode will also let you practice the game and better your understanding of the game and the rules. The variety of online bingo games all contain bonuses, tricks and terms that you should know throughout the game to increase your chances of winning. Although bingo is a game of chance, the rules are important to know and consider using the tips, they are formulated to help you with your game play and to beat the odds.

Tips for Online Bingo

Bingo is a game of chance. Therefore, there isn’t much you can do to improve your odds, but the following tips will help you better your gameplay to stand a better chance of winning. Firstly, it is vital to know the rules of the game and how it is played, before betting on money, so play the free mode game and work on improving your skills. Secondly, set a budget of the amount of money you are willing to lose and the amount you are hoping to win. If you lost all the money your budget is set on, stop playing as it can lead to you losing a lot more. If you reach the balance you were hoping to win, also stop playing, luck might not always be on your side and it’s better to have won some than lost all. Set a time limit for the amount of time you want to spend gambling each day, this time limit will keep you from playing for hours on end and losing out on all the fruits of life. Choose a game which limits the number of cards you play during a round, to help you avoid going up against someone who can afford to play a hundred cards. Ensure that the site you are playing on is fair, do research on the site, the site must be registered and regulated.

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Online Bingo Glossary

  • Caller: The caller, in land-based casinos, is the person who calls out the numbers drawn, but with online bingo, the caller is the online casino
  • 3TG: A message from the online game alerting the player that they just need three numbers to win. 3TG stands for three to go.
  • Straight-line bingo: Occurs when the player has a five-number bingo straight line on the card which begins on the left and ends on the right.
  • Face: This is one bingo card that has 24 numbers on it.
  • Coverall: Coverall is also called blackout, which is a typical jackpot game. Here, you cover all the numbers within a certain number of calls.
  • Money ball: A number drawn before the game starts that doubles the players winnings if bingo occurs on that specific number.
  • Dauber: A pen or token used to mark off the numbers.
  • On: This describes card in bingo that needs one more number to win.
  • Buy-in: A buy-in is the purchase of card before the start of each game. In an online bingo game, you will have to place a bet.
  • Progressive jackpot: A jackpot that increases in value with a percentage of the players bets.
  • Quickie: This is numbers that are called in speedy succession and the players board’s must be complete to win.
  • RNG: This chooses the numbers randomly, which is named a Random Number Generator.
  • Housie: This is the term used in New Zealand for bingo.

Online Bingo Bonuses

Many online bingo casinos offer players bonuses to help them throughout the game. Gamblers receive welcome bonuses upon entering for the first time, which can also be a no deposit bonus, depending on the online casino. Winning a game from a free bingo game means that your entire deposit will be refunded. Loyal members of online bingo will also earn point, for their time, which leads to cash credits. Loyalty points are awarded while you play so you can redeem your credits at any time.

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Online Bingo for Mobile Devices

Online bingo gives players the opportunity to enjoy the game from any platform which has a connection to the internet, being a desktop, mobile phone or tablet. In order to access online bingo from your mobile or tablet, you can download the casino app or play directly from your web browser. The platforms might change, but the game remains the same, so you can gamble from wherever you are, just ensure that internet connection is strong so that you will not be cut off.

Online bingo banking options

Online bingo provides Australian players with the opportunity to play in AUD$, which allows them to deposit money on various banking methods. The banking methods which they can use are credit/debit cards, EntroPay, NETELLER, PayPal and various other banking options depending on the casino they are playing from.

Online bingo customer support

Online bingo can be played at anytime from anywhere, therefore, we ensure that our customer support team is available at all times, this allows players to contact customer support whenever they need more information or want to query. The customer support team is on standby 24/7 and to make contacting the more convenient, there is a live chat option, where you can chat to anyone from customer support.


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