Getting addicted to gambling is a serious concern as many Australian online players are affected by it. Although many online casino game players play the games for fun and entertainment, a small percentage is subject to gambling addiction.

Online gambling makes it easier for players to get addicted, as they can access an internet casino from their homes and hide the fact that they have a problem. The main issue with online gambling addiction is that it can lead to a player’s life being ruined through the destruction of their family and financial security.

gambling addiction

What is a Gambling Addiction?

A gambling addiction can compare to any impulse-control disorder in which the person is incapable of controlling their actions. Addicted gamblers are unable to stop gambling even when it harms the people around them and themselves.

Gambling addiction has different categories, with some being more severe than others. Some even go so far as to say that gambling addiction affects men and women differently. The three most common kinds of gambling addiction are:

Compulsive Gambler

Compulsive gambling is the most common and severe gambling addiction. Players who suffer from compulsive gambling tend to spend large sums of money at online casinos and have no control over their addiction. Compulsive gamblers do not care about the consequences of their actions, even if it means losing everything, they will still risk it all just to get their gambling fix.

Binge Gambler

Like compulsive gamblers, binge gamblers also lack a sense of control over their actions and spend large sums of money gambling. The difference between compulsive and binge gamblers is that binge gamblers do this now and then. They can go months without gambling, but once they do, the addiction gets the best of them.

Problem Gambling

Problem gamblers are not entirely addicted to betting money at online casinos. However, gambling still results in problems for them. Problem gamblers are those who chase their losses and feel the need to lie to friends and family about their gambling habits.

There are a number of ways to overcome a gambling addiction. Although, it will take an unlimited amount of self-discipline and will power. The ways to overcome an addiction are:

  • Admit to having a problem.
  • Join a support group.
  • Go to therapy to help you.
  • Try ways to regulate the addiction.

Treatments for Addicted Gamblers

Gambling addiction can be treated in a few ways. These include therapy, support groups, step-based programs, motivational interviews and self-help. The options provide means and guidance aimed to help you cope with your addiction. There might be other issues that are contributing to your gambling addiction. The above-mentioned help services will provide you with the means to address these problems. Most online casinos offer player’s the chance to freeze their casino accounts for a certain period, which will help the gambler address their gambling problem.